Get to Embedded-Design Revenue, Fast!

STMicroSponsored Post by Stuart McLaren, STMicroelectronics

ST wants you to get to revenue with your embedded designs as quickly as possible, That’s why the new mbed-enabled STM32 Nucleo boards facilitate agile development with fine-tuning of both hardware and software on-the-fly at each prototyping stage using the mbed open-source online software development platform , and the extensive collaboration infrastructure at

For all you Arduino developers, STM32 Nucleo supports Arduino connectivity and ST Morpho extension headers also allow access to all of the microcontroller’s on-chip peripherals. The board’s headers accept shields from the extensive Arduino ecosystem so adding specialized functions is quick and easy.

And so you aren’t limited by the Arduino universe, ST will offer dedicated shields for functions such as Bluetooth® LE or Wi-Fi® connectivity, GPS, audio recording leveraging our MEMS microphone expertise, proximity sensing, and wireless control.

If you’re planning to attend EE Live! in San Jose (March 31-April 3), make sure to pick a Tech Tote —distributed daily at 11:30am and 2pm while supplies last at Booth #2200 — to get an STM32F401 Nucleo-board voucher, which you can redeem at the STMicroelectronics booth #1318.

The STM32 Nucleo-F030R8, STM32 Nucleo-F103RB, STM32 Nucleo-F401RE and STM32 Nucleo-L152RE are available immediately. The STM32 Nucleo-F072RB, STM32 Nucleo-F302R8, STM32 Nucleo-F334R8, and STM32 Nucleo-L053R8 boards will be introduced during Q2 2014.