Free Raspberry Pi training and giveaways at EE Live! Expo


EE Live! 2014 will host six hands-on speed training sessions for the popular Raspberry Pi single-board computer, as well as giveaways for Raspberry Pi’s, custom accessory boards, and more. Anyone holding a pass for the conference’s free Expo can attend and participate — add it to your schedule here. Note: Adding it to your schedule does not guarantee your spot in the class, please sign up at Booth #638 when the expo floor opens at 11:00 am on Wednesday.

Coming to the San Jose McEnery Convention Center this March 31 – April 3, EE Live! is a conference created by electronics engineers for electronics engineers. The event offers dozens of educational presentations, tutorials, case studies, and other attractions. Its Expo segment runs April 1 – April 3, and promises free access to over 250 vendors, keynotes, and sessions.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation’s Educational Resource Engineer Dave Honess (pictured) will present six consecutive “Robot Mania: Hands-on Speed Training with Raspberry Pi” sessions on April 2, starting 11:00 AM (each session will last 45 minutes) at Booth #638. Attendees will learn how to drive the motors of a Rover 5 tank robot controlling it via real time input from a Raspberry Pi.

The robot has two motors, one on each side, which can be driven with different polarities to make them turn clockwise or anticlockwise. By driving the motors in various ways, the robot can be made to move forward, backwards or turn on a dime. Attendees will also learn how to interface with a standard Arduino motor shield by using an add-on board for the Raspberry Pi known as a Gertduino. Gertduino is essentially a full Arduino on a Raspberry Pi expansion board.

The standard Arduino programming IDE will be used to write code to define how the robot will behave and how it will respond to messages being received from the Raspberry Pi. Dave and the foundation will be giving away the Raspberry Pi’s, boards and robots at the end of the day.

And on April 3, the EE Live! Expo will hold “Let’s Make a Deal: Raspberry Pi Quiz Show & Giveaway“ at Booth #1608 from 11:00 – 11:30AM. Are you good at tech trivia? Doing binary math on the fly? Recalling useless bits of information easily? You can win one of 20 Raspberry Pis and a custom accessory board by taking part!

You can purchase an EE Live! 2014 All Access pass or register for a free Expo pass at the event’s official site. Make sure to follow updates about EE Live!’s sessions, programs, and announcements on the conference’s social media accounts on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn, and Google+.