Five New Products Not to Miss at EE Live!

RiotBoardNotwithstanding all the free swag you can grab up at EE Live! and the Embedded Systems Conference, engineers consistently say the number one reason they attend the show is to see new technologies. Or better yet, see cool products they didn’t even know existed.

This year’s expo, April 1-3 2014, won’t disappoint, with over 200+ top tier vendors showcasing debugging software tools, processors, SoCs, test & measurement equipment, development kits and tools, and more.

Here’s a sneak peek at five of the unusually buzz-worthy new products targeted at the embedded space that will be on display. Check them out here, and then plan to join us at the EE Live! Expo and be among the first to see and get some hands-on time with these products and more!

Note: You can still purchase an EE Live! 2014 All Access pass or register for a free Expo pass. Make sure to follow updates about EE Live!’s other sessions, programs, and announcements on the conference’s social media accounts on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn, and Google+

The $74 open-source RIoTBoard, element14 (Booth 1608)

Creating a virtual frenzy among attendees at Embedded World, the RIoTBoard ( is a $74 open-source, single-board platform based on the Freescale® i.MX 6Solo processor using the ARM® Cortex®-A9 architecture. Operating at 1GHz, the board is ideal for Android and Linux development and in fact comes preloaded with Android 4.3 (Jellybean). element14 is showcasing the new board at Booth 1608 and will be doing a hands-on demo in the vendor training booth (2310) on Tuesday, April 1, from 3:00-3:45 pm.

MicrochipPIC8bitMC1193---PIC16F161xWebMicrochip PIC16(L)F161X Family of 8-bit MCUs (Booth 1116)

Don’t be fooled by the somewhat confusing naming convention of Microchip’s new addition to its range of peripheral-rich, general-purpose 8-bit MCUs targeted at safety-critical applications:  One key use of the PIC16(L)F161X family — which comes under the heading of Core Independent Peripherals (CIPs) — is to offload timing-critical and core-intensive tasks from the main processor, thereby freeing it up to focus on higher-level tasks. In addition to showcasing its new MCUs at Booth 1116, Microchip is running classes continuously through the 3-day event, on topics such as “High-Performance Product Development with PIC32MZ and MPLAB Harmony,” on Tuesday, April 1 from 12:00-12:50 pm.

MDO3000-tektronix-oscilloscope-mainTektronix MDO3000 Mixed Domain “Six-in-One” Scope (Booth 1818)

Get some playtime on Tek’s new MDO3000 Mixed Domain “six-in-one” oscilloscope, featuring a spectrum analyzer (the first for a scope!), arbitrary/function generator, protocol analyzer, digital voltmeter, and logic analyzer. For those on a budget, the scope can be purchased with the last four functions locked, with the option to access them later. Tek will be demo’ing the new scope at its Scope Bar at Booth 1818, which provides the opportunity for attendees to get practical hands-on experience with the instrument. Added bonus: Tek will be raffling off two of these scopes, meaning two very lucky attendees will be taking one home.

STMicroelectronics STM32 Nucleo and STM32F401 for Low Power Apps, (Booth 1318)

STMicroelectronics will showcase its much anticipated STM32 Nucleo m-bed compatible Development Boards at Booth 1318. Complete with Arduino pins, the board is designed to jumpstart the ARM development process. ST is placing a voucher in the EELive! Tech Tote Bags given out daily at the show, which attendees can redeem for a free STM32F401 Nucleo Kit at the ST booth while supplies last.  There’s plenty of hands-on training, too, at the co-located ST-Mouser Theater throughout the three-day, as well as a hands-on workshop on using the STM32F401 for low-power DSP Applications on Tuesday, April 1, 2:00-5:00 pm (SJCC 210G). Attendees will receive a FREE STM32F401 Discovery Kit. Reminder: Don’t forget to bring your laptop if you plan to attend this session.

Rohde-Schwarz-RTE-oscilloscope-front-400x231Rohde & Schwarz R&SRTE Family of Oscilloscopes (Booth 2012)

During the recent International Oscilloscope Week, Rohde and Schwarz released its RTE range of scope, which the company will showcase at its Booth 2012 at EE Live! The RTE oscilloscope has features that will appeal to engineers who need to troubleshoot power supplies or find sources of EMI, including the ability to correlate time-domain and frequency-domain measurements. Attendees of the hands-on session Oscilloscope Fundamentals, April 1, 3:30-4:45 (SJCC 210E) will have the opportunity to use the new R&SRTE family of oscilloscopes and Digital Stimulus Board to make some basic scope operations such as probing, triggering, and detection of signal anomalies. Bonus: The Digital Stimulus Board is yours to keep after the session.