Find out how the Internet of Things will Impact You, Now

xively-logo-RGB-whitebgSponsored post by Chad Jones, VP of Xively Product Strategy, LogMeIn

The buzz around the Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly changing from “What” and “Why” to “When” and “How.” To help make sense of it all, we created this visual representation. Check it out and see where your business fits in the future of the IoT.


If you want to figure out how your business can take advantage of the IoT, but are mystified by how to go about it, you’re not alone. Building an IoT-connected solution may seem, at first, to be a simple endeavor where you just connect an object to the Internet and send its data to a mobile application. But once you get started, it quickly becomes apparent that, if you really want to build solutions that transform businesses (and lives), it’s a more complex proposition.

You need expertise in everything from defining a robust business case, to understanding a myriad of technologies—from embedded components, connectivity and platforms, to applications, clouds and security—to integrating your IoT solution with key business services that can record and analyze the data flow and return intelligent, automated responses to the physical business environment.

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