Dana Good To Deliver EE! Live Postmortem On Bringing Firmware Back from the Dead

DanaGoodEE Live! 2014 and the Embedded Systems Conference will deliver a postmortem session on “Bringing Firmware Back from the Dead with the Marionette Design Principle,” presented by distinguished Senior Firmware and Software Engineer Dana Good. You can still take advantage of discounted pricing for EE Live! when you register now for the event.

This year’s EE Live! runs March 31 – April 3 at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center, and will host a number of programs that will be valuable for attending electronics design engineers, including its flagship Embedded Systems Conference. Alongside dozens of tutorials, panels, keynotes, and case studies, ESC will offer several Classic Postmortem sessions — presentations full of technical details on the design and development of a noteworthy embedded systems application.

Good will look at “Bringing Firmware Back from the Dead with the Marionette Design Principle” for her postmortem discussion on April 3, 1:00 – 1:30 PM at SJCC 210B. The session will ask, “What if you had to do a postmortem… but the patient wasn’t quite dead? What happens when you have to adopt, and improve, embedded code that’s brain-dead, but still twitching?”

We’ve all been in the position of taking on a prototype project that presents a decent external face, but inside is moldy. Touch it, and pieces fall to the floor. But you have no choice — management has promised it in two months — so you need to bring it back from the edge of death, and turn it into a real system. Good will take you through one such resurrection, and will touch on some bare-metal embedded design principles and techniques revealed in the process.

Good has designed key systems at several companies, working on the DSP and algorithm implementation for the handheld portion of an implanted seizure prediction system at Neurovista. She was also a Senior Software Developer on Amazon’s Digital Products team, and wore multiple hats at i1 Biometrics, which produces technology that measures head impacts and accelerations experienced by the brain during sports.

You can purchase an EE Live! 2014 All Access pass or an Embedded Systems Conference pass — and save as much as $100 for early registration — through the conference’s official site. Make sure to follow updates about EE Live!’s other postmortems, programs, and announcements on the conference’s social media accounts on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn, and Google+.