Attend EE Live! 2014′s Free Fantastical Theatre of Engineering Innovation

max_mockupIn just a couple of weeks, EE Live! 2014 will host the Fantastical Theatre of Engineering Innovation, an exciting combination of product teardowns and giveaways, legendary speed training sessions, and the popular “Gadget Freak Smackdown” — all available to attend for free. The event is sponsored by Allied Electronics.

Coming to the San Jose McEnery Convention Center EE Live this March 31 – April 3, EE Live! is the premiere conference for anyone working or interested in the electronics engineering field. The conference includes a free expo (April 1 – 3) that offers not only the Fantastical Theatre of Engineering Innovation, but also access to over 250 vendors, keynotes, and hands-on training sessions.

One of the most popular events from the Fantastical Theatre of Engineering Innovation is the “Gadget Freak Smackdown”, where contestants get five minutes to present a brief overview of the general operating principles of their gadget, demo it, and convince the audience of its merits. Organizers will hold a 45-minute Gadget Smackdown each day during the EE Live! Expo.

Attendees will have the chance to participate and share their interesting projects with the audience during the Gadget Smackdowns. This could be a project they’ve already built, or that they are currently in the process of building, or that they are planning on building one day. The winner will be selected based on the readings of a digital applause-o-meter, which itself will be entered into the competition by its developer.

Another fun session to watch out for at the Fantastical Theatre of Engineering Innovation is “Max Maxfield’s Bacon, Beerfest & Prognostication Engines” (pictured). Like most men, Max finds it difficult to wrap his brain around the subtleties of the female mind. In order to address this issue, Max is in the process of creating a Pedagogical and Phantasmagorical Inamorata Prognostication Engine, along with its counterpart, the Phrankly Phenomenal Ultra-Macho Prognostication Engine.

The Inamorata Prognostication Engine is to be housed in a beautiful antique wooden radio cabinet dating from 1929. The Steampunk look-and-feel involves a cornucopia of antique dials, knobs, and switches, augmented with hand-selected antique analog meters, all mounted on aged brass panels embellished with mother-of-pearl “dots” through which the light from over 100 tri-colored LEDs will emerge.

Max hopes that his Inamorata Prognostication Engine will provide some insight into the female state of mind. By manipulating the various controls, the hope is to drive the main analog meter (which spans the entire gamut of female human emotions, from “Extremely Disgruntled” to “Fully Gruntled”) into its “Green Zone.”

In this presentation, Max will discuss a cornucopia of design decisions and techniques, including his choice of microcontroller, the construction of a special prototyping shield, calculating the date of the next full moon (not a happy time) and the date of the next blue moon (a happier time), techniques for lighting vacuum tubes, etching glass, and aging brass, and the list goes on.

You can still purchase an EE Live! 2014 All Access pass or register for a free Expo pass. Make sure to follow updates about EE Live!’s other sessions, programs, and announcements on the conference’s social media accounts on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn, and Google+.