Andrew “Bunnie” Huang to Keynote at EE Live! 2014

EE Live! is pleased to announce Andrew “Bunnie” Huang as its second keynote, He will be speaking on Wednesday April 2nd at 9:30 am at the San Jose Convention Center.


Well known for hacking the Xbox, Bunnie is a strong proponent of open source hardware and is an active contributor to the ecosystem. Bunnie’s talk will focus on how open source hardware can play a role in creating lasting value and user communities around new hardware platforms, the implications of the open source hardware movement for traditional business models, and new opportunities for design engineers.

An MIT graduate with a PhD in EE, Bunnie is currently a Research Affiliate with the MIT Media Lab and serves as a technical adviser for several startups. He also remains an active practicing engineer, who has designed everything  from nanophotonic silicon chips, wireless radios, and consumer electronics to robotic submarines.

In 2012 Bunnie received an Electronic Frontier Foundation Pioneer Award for his work in hardware hacking.

Bunnie also will speak on his experiences manufacturing hardware in China at the Hardware Startup Engineering Summit at EE Live! on April 2, 2014.

View Speaker Bio: Andrew “Bunnie” Huang, EE Live! Keynote SpeakerBunnie Huang  |  Independent, PhD EE and Hardware Hacker